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A well-maintained business facade can instill confidence and trust with potential customers because it suggests that you will treat them with the same kind of care and respect. If your concrete walkways or parking lots are beginning to show signs of cracks or sloping this can put the success of your business at risk. This type of concrete damage can also pose a risk to those who walk or drive on your property; opening your business up to the unpleasant possibility of a lawsuit should someone become injured. Likewise, if freight trucks or similar vehicles drive on your concrete, they could be further upsetting your soil and contributing to surface cracks or unanticipated spacing between sections.

Our commercial concrete lifting grout mixture is specially designed to repair cracks and stabilize the soil that supports cement infrastructure. Correcting these types of settling issues in a timely manner is important for the welfare of your business and the safety of employees and visitors. Whether you need a quick injection over weak soil or a traditional concrete lift (or mudjacking) we can help you get your business exterior back in top form.

Soil Stabilization

Depending on the type of vehicles or amount of traffic your business receives, the soil underneath your commercial property could become loose and unstable due to the amount of weight applied top cement surfaces. When poured into the soil, our grout mixture reacts with the ground's moisture to fill gaps and prevent water from breaching the new barrier of the repaired concrete.

Gap Sealing

Injected into the substrate adjacent to any cracked, slanted or misaligned concrete, our repair, lifting and leveling technique helps to fill in any voids in your soil or corroded areas. It even eliminates unsightly concrete depressions. A final sealant is applied to permanently prevent erosion or water infiltration in the future.

Void Filling

If the soil under your parking lot or walkways was improperly compacted, it can quickly erode. In addition, any especially heavy goods or vehicles that are placed on top of this poorly formed substrate will make the problem worse and cause gaps to form under the concrete. If that were not enough, landscaping shrub and tree roots sometimes displace concrete. Because they are not always readily visible, these voids or other problems often go unnoticed until they eventually cause surface damage.

At Tri-State Concrete Services, Inc., we address the root cause of the problem and use a grout filling injection to fill the problematic spaces and repair surface cracks. Our commercial concrete repair, lifting & leveling services can save you money and hassle!


York County, Pennsylvania | Harford County, Maryland | Baltimore County, Maryland



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