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Concrete Leveling, Concrete Resurfacing, Mud Jacking Contractor Serving York, Harford and Baltimore County

Your local, licensed, experienced and trusted Mud Jacker.

Welcome to Tri-State Concrete Services located in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania. Family owned and operated, Tri-State has been serving the York, Adams, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Baltimore and Harford Counties for over 38 years!

Tri-State Concrete Services goal is to provide the highest quality repairs through workmanship, the materials we use, and experienced techniques.

Benefits of Slabjacking / Mudjacking

✔  Slab jacking isabout half the cost of replacing the concrete

✔  Get years of continued use out of your existing concrete

✔  Can be done with no disruption to surrounding structures, and very little (if any) disruption to landscaping

✔  No need to remove heavy (or permanently installed) fixtures/structures/furniture on the concrete slab, as the slabjacking process can lift both the slab and the items on it

And perhaps best of all, there is no wait time to begin using your newly raised concrete surface!

Slabjacking can be used to repair sunken concrete patios and porches, basement floors, sidewalks/walkways, concrete driveways, concrete pool decks and steps for home owners. We can also restore leaning chimneys and sinking home foundations. Larger jobs for municipalities and large companies can include filling sink holes, restoring sunken parking lots or air strips, and more. With over two decades of slabjacking experience, JCCI can handle just about any slabjacking job you may have.

Contact us today to schedule an on-site assessment of your problem situation. 717-880-5636

Serving York, Adams, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Baltimore and Harford Counties for all of your concrete levelling, mud jacking and slab jacking needs!

If you are a member of a Home Owners Association, or a Property Management Company, we can save you money on your concrete repairs!

Because it costs less.


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