Slab Jacking is generic terminology that describes a variety of methods to raise depressed concrete back to it's original level.

Slab Jacking has been a common repair method for many years, primarily in the mid-western region of the U.S. It is now found in just about any city in the United States.

The concept is very simple, but should only be attempted by professionals as it requires very subtle techniques to get it to work just the right way. A grout-type material (often top soil, sand/clay or grout) is pumped under the slab through small holes. The material fills any and all voids and then lifts the slab back into position. The holes are patched with cement and the surface is ready to use.
The first question is always, replace or repair? 
Concrete replacement is expensive. It is simple math. Concrete contractors must make up to three trips to a location to replace a simple slab of concrete with removal, framing, pouring, removal of forming material, and cutting of joints. Add to this the ever-growing problem of environmental constraints on concrete disposal and the replacement cost of a simple 10x10-foot driveway or pool deck can be upwards of $1,000.

Repair of misaligned slab panels has historically been achieved by mudjacking or slabjacking. This is the process of injecting a mud/slurry mix under concrete slabs with a specialized hydraulically powered mud pump to lift the concrete. We drill 1 5/8-inch holes in slabs and inject the slurry under the slab, building up enough pressure to lift the concrete. This technique allows us to lift, pitch, or level any unrestrained slabs.

Historically, mudjacking or slabjacking has been about half the cost of replacement.  Repair options have been chosen more frequently due to the lower cost.

Advantages of Slab Jacking rather than Replacement:

Immediate Access
You can drive on concrete that was raised in three to four hours. You can walk on raised concrete right after Slab-Jacking

No Re-landscaping Needed
We do not disturb any existing landscaping.

Cost Effectiveness
On third to one half the cost of replacement with Slab-Jacking.

Because we raise the existing concrete, we do not have to tear out the old concrete, takel it away, grade the area, set the forms, lay any wire mesh, pour or finish, wait for the concrete to cure, tear off forms and replace landscaping. We are done in just a fraction of the time. Usage of the area is only interrupted for a very short period of time.

We can perform all of our work in a clean and safe manner inside of offices and in warehouses, often completing our work on weekends or during the night.

Did you know it’s often times the home owner’s responsibility to repair the uneven sidewalk on their property?

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about the sidewalk in front of your home. It’s not so much for you as it is for the pedestrians around your neighborhood. However, the sidewalk on your property is your responsibility to maintain.

There are a few factors that could cause a sidewalk to need repairs. Rain can wash away the dirt underneath the concrete sidewalk slabs, causing them to sink or settle. In dryer months, the soil can dry out and shrink. This can cause concrete to crack and potentially become a trip hazard.

Regardless of the reason for repairs, the safety of your sidewalk is important. Many people use the pathway, whether it’s to get to work or to exercise. Children might use your sidewalk to get to and from school.

Tri-State Concrete Services Inc has helped countless business and homeowners by lifting their sunken sidewalk slab, repaired their cracked driveway, and, ultimately, restored their curb appeal and safety around their home. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection. 717-880-5636


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