Our main areas of service are Slabjacking.

If you are a member of a Home Owners Association, or a Property Management Company, we can save you money on your concrete repairs!
Mudjacking Basement Floors

We raise and stabilize floors that sink or settle.
Mudjacking Driveways

Tri-State Concrete Services mud jacks settling driveways.
Mudjacking Garage Floors

Tri-State Concrete Services mud jacks garage floors that are settling or may be hollow.


Mudjacking Patios

We raise and stabilize patios that sink or settle or puddle or ones that are leaning towards your foundation.


Mudjacking Pool Decks

We raise and stabilize pool decks that may be settling, leaning or creating trip hazards.
Mudjacking Sidewalks

We raise and stabilize sidewalls that may be settling or creating trip hazards.
Mudjacking Warehouse Floors

We can mudjack floors that are moving at the joint transitions or may be hollow or sinking/settling. For those floors that are peeling or cracking excessively or floors with joint spalling, we can do an epoxy repair to rebuild the joint or the spalling surfaces.


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